Stuart Williams RacingPearl Rebel wins first time out



Jenny Olley - Yard Manager.
Jenny has a fantastic work ethic and attention to detail. Jenny plays a vital role in looking after all the staff and horses at Diomed.

Adam Thompson - Pupil Assistant
Adam has worked at Diomed for over a year hopes to train in his own right one day

Aaron Jones
Claire Heywood - Secretary
Please contact Claire any time with any questions or queries
Riyaz Patel
Riyaz Patel - Senior Ground Staff.
Hard working and dedicated been at Diomed for over 10 years.

Shoab Patel
Shoab Patel
Shoab has worked for 10yrs at Diomed and has now worked his way up to become one of the leading work riders. Stuart relies very much on the input Shoab offers after each work morning.
Atlanta Neveille
Atlanta Neville
Has joined us from the British Racing School. Atlanta has settled in well and is keen to learn.

A conjurer of a trainer. One who can transform an apparently moderate animal into a frequent winner." - Timeform